Patterned PVC Blackout


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All these fabrics are available in roller blinds.

This is Patterned PVC Fabric.

It is 100% Blackout, Flame retardant, UV protective and it will keep your rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
It is Great for damp atmosphere’s Like bathrooms and kitchens and looks great in a conservatory where it will keep it cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, it is also look great all over the house.

Manufactured for you in the UK, it’s easy to create a modern look in your home or office.  Buying direct from the manufacturer not only saves you money it has the advantage of cutting out the middleman, with easy installation instructions and at the same time enjoying the luxury of a custom made product.

Cord and Chain controls and Brown Head-rails will add £4.00 each. Brown head-rails are only available with cord and chain systems.

New child safety law in the EU means we have to send you a child safety clip to keep looped cords and chains away from small children. This device will be sent instead of the cord weight.  This device is secured to an adjacent wall or window frame the cords and chains are held permanently within the device.

A curtain like draw (from the centre) can only be achieved with cord and chain controls.

Checking Your Measurements:

For accuracy and perfect fit please measure in centimetres and / or millimetres with a steel tape measure.

All blinds will be made as inside recess unless stated you want outside recess.

Click the following link to view our measuring guide for vertical blinds: MEASURING GUIDE – VERTICAL BLINDS



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